Your idea of kitchen is to make it an exciting, lively and an inspiring place. It is an expression of who you are. At Ixina Kitchens in Dubai, we are committed to realise your dream of kitchens with the help of our expert installations, top-of-the-line work plans and practical kitchen solutions. The scope of services includes complete guidance on creating your kind of kitchen. Your ideas, convenience and comfort are of prime importance while designing a kitchen. Our inspiration to design your kitchen lies in our German expertise which equips us to deliver the optimum solutions to make the best out of your kitchens.

And the first step to your fresh kitchens is the measurements. Once you come to us with the kitchen refurbishing requirement, we schedule a visit to your house where our measurement experts take precise measurements and create a drawing work plan. This work plan is the first level of planning a kitchen and also the first step of a PERSONALISED KITCHEN. Based on the available space, the designers optimally work to produce the most functional, spacious and organized plan to suit your needs. The attempt in this phase is to bring in the most of the kitchen requirements within a single space.

Based on the work plans, the proposal with the recommended finishes, counter-tops, cabinet ideas, appliance inclusion and other smart aspects of your kitchen will be given to you. This will give you an idea of the possibilities that can be discovered in your cooking space. And also inspire you to experiment with it as per modern standards.

You can try out numerous finishes, cabinets, accessories and appliances in Ixina 3D Kitchens as well. This is an Ixina Innovation where you can see the shaping of your kitchen in a 3D format at one of its kind in-house theatre at Ixina showroom in Dubai. This will actually give you a practical idea on how your kitchen will look after assembly. Also, any changes or adaptations in the kitchen interiors can be changed as per your idea. Explore immense possibilities in your kitchen with Ixina’s kitchen ideas in Dubai and participate in making your kind of kitchen.

Based on your selections only, the Ixina’s kitchen experts will give you a desired budget for executing a kitchen makeover. The pricing by this German kitchen maker is highly competitive in the markets, which definitely gives the company a desired edge over others.

Also, the experts are open to your inputs and ideas, which mean there is always a scope of betterment. They truly help you out in deriving what all you want and act as your guide in creating a smart and trendy kitchen.

After you are satisfied with the planning and layout of your kitchen, the last and the most important step is the execution of the kitchen proposal. Ixina means no compromise, so there is no scope of replacing your selections with any other available alternative. All that is done to make sure your ideas of kitchen are realised in the best possible way. Just to give you a practical and refined kitchen. As a part of this process, the expert Ixina professionals will again visit the location to work on the short-listed plans and assemble your ideas of a kitchen into a reality.

More of Ixina services and kitchen ideas can be seen and experienced by visiting the exclusive Ixina Kitchens showroom in Dubai. There, our professional kitchen designers with their innovative ideas help you out in planning the kitchen of your dreams. If you want to implement your ideas and wish them to come to life, then book a free consulting session at the Ixina showroom.