Extractor hoods

Say goodbye to cooking odors in your open-concept or closed kitchen and say hello to a better lit cooking area. Not only are hoods an essential appliance, they have become decorative features in their own right. When choosing a suction system, features and design, your Ixina advisers will help you find the hood that meets your needs.

Choosing the right hood Extraction and elegance: hoods combine performance and design

In open and semi-open kitchens, range hoods face three challenges: filtration performance, quiet operation and visual harmony.

Which suction system should you choose?

Hoods today offer two suction systems: extraction or recycling. Extraction ejects the air outside and requires an air intake in the kitchen. Recycling filters the air to remove fatty particles and odors.

Remember to think about the technical constraints associated with the size of your room, your home type and whether you can create an extraction outlet.

Hoods as design features

Because it is a prominent fixture in your kitchen, your range hood should look good. Hood design has evolved considerably in recent years. Hoods can be mounted to the wall, hung from the ceiling, built into the cabinet or recessed into the countertop or cooktop.

A range hood can add style to your kitchen and our large selection will ensure you can easily find the right hood for you.