Lighting is crucial to show off your kitchen, illuminate your shelves and create an energetic or soothing ambiance. Creating volume, playing with color...working with light is a veritable art form. Fortunately, our IXINA advisers will share their expertise with you to find the lighting solution that works with your kitchen.

To highlight your style

Neither too warm nor too cozy, kitchen lighting has to strike the right balance between functionality and comfort. What's the secret? Use a variety of light sources to create multiple effects.

Install sconces for filtered light, a modern chandelier or suspended fixture  to brighten an eating nook or built-in lighting in glass-fronted cabinets for interplays of light. Try LED strips to illuminate an alcove in a wall, accentuate a backsplash or warm up the countertop. There are many solutions to choose from!

For the most user-friendly kitchen, choose built-in lighting

Whether under your wall cabinets, recessed into the ceiling or above a bar, the best choice is still built-in spotlights. They eliminate shadows on your work surfaces and cooking areas for maximum safety and ease of use.