From cooking method and cleaning system to advanced functions and energy consumption, there are numerous models to match anyone's preferences. Helping you find your oven means giving you an answer that is 100% suited to your needs.

Build-in solutions adapted to your needs

Choose according to your taste, your desires and the level of performance you need. Let us guide you through the many available features. What about convenience? The opening mechanism (fold-down, side-swing or fold-away door; pull-out drawer) may also inform your choice. And with models ranging from 45 to 90 cm in width, there are a variety of build-in solutions available.

Convection ovens

Heat is disseminated evenly throughout the oven thanks to a fan. The result is faster and more uniform cooking. Both sweet and savory dishes remain moist and irresistible on the inside.

In addition, this type of cooking can be really helpful when you have to bake a larger quantity of food at the same time because the heat reaches every part of the oven.

Steam ovens For even, faster cooking

Steam cooking is indispensable these days. It lets you quickly prepare healthy, flavorful dishes by gently cooking foods so as to preserve their vitamins and minerals.    

Steam ovens distribute steam during baking so food cooks perfectly without drying out.

Pyrolysis ovens A self-cleaning oven for flawless results

Do you want a clean oven with no effort?

Just press a button and the oven cleans itself by heating to approximately 500°C.

All the grease, fat and other debris are immediately burned; once they have turned to ash, a quick wipe-down with a sponge will make your enameled oven cavity shine again.