Microwave ovens

You can't have a kitchen without a microwave! Microwave ovens are an indispensable part of our everyday routine, which earns them a prime spot in the kitchen. Read on for more details...

Choosing the right microwave

Depending on your needs, opt for a classic microwave or a model that offers multiple cooking modes. Modern microwave technology delivers the same possibilities as a traditional oven, which means you can reheat your morning coffee, defrost a steak in minutes, cook a pizza and even roast a chicken.

Choose convenience

Installing a combination microwave lets you go without an oven, which may be a space-saving solution. But there is another advantage as well: you can defrost and cook your food in no time using the same appliance!

Microwave ovens with the "Crisp Cook" function have a special dish that works like a heat accumulator. It sears and browns food from the bottom.
You can make crisp tarts, pizzas and quiches in record time!