Kitchens on the tiles!

On the wall, on the floor...we want tiles everywhere! Being so practical and long-lasting, they've never been out of our kitchens. Thanks to the new ones now available, however, they've become a key element of our decor.

You're bound to find tiles to suit your kitchen with the variety of colours, shapes and styles available. From faience to ceramic and concrete-effect tiles, there is an endless choice! Follow the guide!


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Faience sets the tone

Faience kitchen tiles are increasingly popular! Whether featuring traditional or more contemporary motifs, they give the most conventional of kitchens a lift. 

We bring them back as souvenirs from our travels, get them as bargains or buy new. No matter which, we adore their authenticity. Lay them in a patchwork pattern, intermingled with white tiles or as a strip.

It's better to install them on a wall as they're fragile and can be damaged by the slightest knock. Getting in a professional to lay them where possible is a good idea for the same reason: expertise is needed.

Concrete effect tiles

These stoneware wall tiles are not just extremely durable: they give the kitchen a modern and industrial look.

The light grey shade makes the room feel bright and the large tiles create the illusion of a larger space: a trick we happily use on floors.

There's no need to add in too many accessories because the materials and colours do it all!

Fabulous metro tiles!

Metro tiles have been in the Paris metro system since 1900 and have now come up into our kitchens, becoming a must-have feature. We love their chic look and how they work with any kitchen style. You can choose the original white shade and lay them as a backsplash to give classic decor some sheen.

You can also go for black metro tiles for more of a statement! They go perfectly with raw materials like wood and concrete- or cement-effect tiles. 

Another trend: laying them in a chevron pattern (upside down Vs) from the bottom of the wall up to the halfway point, then painting the top of the wall in a colour. 

Ceramic tiles

Intersecting the two "Art Deco" and "faience tiles" trends are retro ceramic tiles. These give your kitchen a touch of bohemian chic with their friezes and geometric patterns.

Art Deco-style tiles go as well with an industrial metal and glass wall as they do with vintage furnishings or a modern look... You can have lots of fun with the roaring twenties!

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